P-40 All-Terrain Gen.2

For what temperatures are the P-40 All-Terrain suitable for?

We designed the go-to P-40s for temperatures ranging from high to low and for pretty much any environment in which you might find yourself deployed. 

The face fabric is a very breathable ripstop PolyCo material. The pockets that receive insertable knee pads pull double-duty as vents to let air enter and circulate so you can stay cool on hot days or nights. What’s more, the design of the pockets is such that those knee pads will stay in place even while configured to open-vent mode.

In cold temperatures, just zip in a WINDSTOPPER liner. Easy to do—and once it’s done, the liner blocks chill winds while also providing excellent thermal insulation.

Recommended for use in temperatures from +30°C to -10°C 

How durable is the stretch material in the seat of the pants?

Our stretch panel is made of schoeller®-dynamic, an extremely durable fabric. Based on our own testing and real-life experiences, we find it to be one of the best stretch textiles the market offers. And, as a bonus, this stretch material retains its elasticity for a very long time. Click here to read an article for more intel on schoeller®-dynamic and an explanation of how it works with our pants.

Which knee pads can I use with the P-40 All-Terrain Gen.2?

Our 3D Tactical Knee Pads work great with these pants. A benefit of opting for the 3D Tactical Knee Pads is you’re able to insert at the front of them our highly protective Solid Pads to maximise your knee safety and comfort.

What is the strap which is on the side pocket for?

Mainly, the strap on the side pocket secures your important small gear, such as a cell phone. The rule-of-thumb is the item you want to stow won’t be too big for the pocket as long as the strap can retain that piece of gear. A word of caution, though: the strap must be detached before you wash the pants.

Do I need to take any special care while washing them?

The pants are quite easy to wash and dry. We recommend setting the washing machine temperature no higher than 40°C. To reactivate the DWR, set the dryer temperature at low or set for tumble dry. Alternatively, you can reactivate the DWR by ironing your pants with the heat setting at 1.

Are the knee pads and the WINDSTOPPER Liner included?

Sorry, no. You have to purchase these separately.

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