For what temperatures are the P-40 pants suitable for?

We designed the go-to P-40s for temperatures ranging from high to low and for pretty much any environment in which you might find yourself deployed, but, basically, they are recommended for use in temperatures from +30°C to -10°C.

The face fabric is a very breathable ripstop PolyCo material. The pockets that receive insertable knee pads pull double-duty as vents to let air enter and circulate so you can stay cool on hot days or nights. What’s more, the design of the pockets is such that those knee pads will stay in place even while configured to open-vent mode.

In cold temperatures, just zip in a WINDSTOPPER lining. Easy to do—and once it’s done, the liner blocks chill winds while also providing excellent thermal insulation. The WINDSTOPPER lining is made of antistatic material that prevents it from clinging to your skin (so you can stay comfortable).

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