What's the difference between Striker X, XT and HT Combat pants?

Understand first that Striker Combat Pants are designed around the feedback we’ve received from military operatives (earlier feedback from the law-enforcement community—longtime fans of our gear—is also factored in). Drawing on that military feedback, we designed the Striker X line to be even more durable than our already tough-as-nails Striker HTs (basically, we made the Striker X pants so sturdy that it would be difficult if not near-impossible for them to rip, split, tear, or break).

That’s the difference Number One. Difference Number Two is their streamlined construction. This makes it highly unlikely that a pair of Striker Xs will be snagged by protruding objects, like branches and metal barbs. This streamlining is reflected in the slickness of the knee-pad section and in the way we’ve covered up all the seams.

Difference Number Three is the ease of repair. If any element of your no-melt/no-drip Striker X Combat Pants does break, you can stitch it back together quickly with a needle and thread, right there in the field (one way we facilitate ease of repair is by using buttons instead of zippers for pocket closures).

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